Aimed at recently qualified OWIs, this interactive session will help you on your way to becoming a successful active instructor. It will cover tips and advice on getting started, what to expect in your early teaching days and how to progress your instructing training.

    Discover how one dive club successfully raised over £30k using crowdfunding techniques. Gain valuable tips and insights from their experience to help your club achieve similar fundraising success.

    With Lee Bevan, Vice Chair at Sub C Divers.

    Following an Oxygen fire that resulted in serious injury to one of their club members and had a significant impact on the club members as a whole, one club has proactively taken steps to reflect on the accident and make a positive impact on safety for all club activities. They will be sharing their learnings in this session to help improve overall Oxygen safety for all club and centre activities.

    With Mick Battye, Rob Jackson and John Todman.

    A session to discuss the unique challenges and triumphs of women in diving and share ideas and strategies for fostering a supportive community. A community where women and girls feel compelled to remain.

    The role and responsibilities of the all-important Diving Officer position within clubs will be outlined in this session. The session will offer practical tips and advice to support you in your role. Training Officers and others welcome too!


    Hints and tips on engaging and adaptable teaching techniques to boost your instructor skills and deliver more enjoyable lessons for your students. Aimed to improve adaptability, inclusivity and overall teaching effectiveness, this session will look at innovative approaches for instructors to adapt their teaching styles to a wide range of members’ needs.

    With BSAC Head of Diving and Training Sophie Heptonstall and BSAC Advanced Instructor Alex Warzynski.

    This session, incorporating a Q&A session, will cover how aging affects diver safety and offer strategies for risk mitigation. Understanding and accommodating these changes can enable safe diving well into one's later years.


    Join us for an interactive workshop on BSAC’s new AMS (Association Management System), designed to showcase how it can enhance club operations and improve member engagement. Discover the key benefits of the AMS, being supplied by Sport80, followed by Q&A.

    With Jack Waddingham of Sport:80, Chris Horan, BSAC IT Manager, and Sandra Crowley, BSAC AMS Club Co-ordinator.

    Learn essential approaches for safeguarding under-18 members, along with key insights into adult safeguarding. This session includes vital information and a Q&A segment to support members in meeting safeguarding standards.

    With BSAC Safeguarding Officer Linda Ritson and BSAC Membership Administrator Mandy Hill.


    This session is for members of university clubs. Clubs will be updated on support available. Plus, the session will provide a platform for challenges and ideas to be shared, both with fellow uni clubs and with BSAC.

    With BSAC Vice Chair Yasmine Thorne and BSAC University Coordinator Joe Westnedge.

    With Jim Burke of Aberdeen Sub-Aqua Club, Heinke Trophy winners 2023. Other speakers to be announced.

    The DRT team will outline plans for delivering greater value in the BSAC centre offering. The floor will be opened up so dive business owners and representatives can feed back, share challenges and discuss opportunities.

    With BSAC New Business Development Manager and National Instructor Adrian Collier and BSAC Diving and Training Advisor Julia Branagan.

    Does your club have enough active instructors to service demand? This session will deliver practical advice and tips on how to work towards tackling a shortage of in-club instructors. Share experiences and learn from others.

    With BSAC New Business Development Manager and National Instructor Adrian Collier and BSAC safeguarding Officer Linda Ritson.