Andy Torbet
    Diver, adventurer, BBC presenter and more recently 007’s underwater stunt double on the new Bond film, Andy Torbet, will be keeping the main stage programme running smoothly as well as delegates entertained.
    Gaia Vince
    Gaia Vince is a science writer, broadcaster and Anthropocene researcher exploring the interplay between human systems and the planetary environment. She is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Anthropocene Institute at UCL and a National Oceans Centre Ambassador. Her...
    Michelle Haywood had her first try dive 30 years ago just to see what it was like.  She fell in love with being underwater and has spent much of the last 20 years running Discover Diving in the Isle of...
    Sophie has amassed nearly 3,000 dives in UK waters and all over the world and has an interest in anything underwater but especially the big stuff such as whale sharks, mantas and turtles. She says taking up the post of NDO is a real honour and she will give it her best shot as a dedicated BSAC member and volunteer. For Sophie, this appointment is the culmination of several jobs including SW Regional coach, OWI chief instructor, diver training lead and head of snorkelling.
    (c) Marcus Blatchford
    BSAC Chief Executive Mary Tetley received a top national award for her outstanding service to the administration of sport. The first female CEO of BSAC, Mary received the Emlyn Jones Award at the Chief Executives' Convention in Leicester, organised by the Sport and Recreation Alliance
    Sophie Heptonstall
    As the Head of Diving and Training, Sophie, who lives in Cheshire, now leads on the development and delivery of BSAC training and diving/snorkelling support services. Sophie reports to BSAC’s CEO and work as part of HQ’s senior leadership team.
    Expect some bitesize tips for BSACs clubs on unlocking youth appeal, what works and what clubs can do about it.
    A diver and BSAC member since 1970, Gavin is a BSAC Advanced Instructor and qualified as an HSE pt III commercial diver
    Phil joined BSAC in 1975, is a National Instructor, First Class Diver and IANTD Trimix diver. As a member of the Norfed Advanced Diving Group and the BSAC Expedition scheme he participated in expeditions to Iceland, St Kilda, Norway and...
    Doctor Linda Ritson is an educationalist with qualifications in teaching, mentoring and mental health support.  After many years of working with disengaged, marginalised and disaffected children and young people through informal education and youth services, Linda moved to working on...